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Malcolm Chalmers – Lutz UnterseherIs

There a Tank Gap?
A Comparative Assessment of the Tank Fleets
of NATO and the Warsaw Pact

With a German preface by Hermann Scheer, MdB

Gibt es eine Panzerlücke?
Eine vergleichende Bewertung der Panzer
der NATO und des Warschauer Paktes

Mit einem deutschen Vorwort Hermann Scheer, MdB

AFES-PRESS Report No. 20
1990, 85pp., ISBN 3-926979-12-7
€ 10.00- $ 14.00 - SF 20.00

Dr. Chalmers is an economist and teaches at the Bradford University's School of Peace Studies, Dr. Unterseher is a sociologist and the chairman of the Study Group on Alternative Security (SAS). After a brief introduction, chapter 2 covers the global numerical balance, chapter 3 offers a qualitative comparison of the tank fleets of NATO and the Warsaw Pact, chapter 4 reviews the balance of tank forces in Central Europe and chapter 5 provides a summary and conclusions. The appendix includes references to tank types (1981-1986), to the tank models that were in service in 1986, and on the comparative combat effectiveness of NATO and Warsaw Pact tanks.

apr020; Language: English; Areas: NATO, Warsaw Treaty Organisation, tanks; Region: Central Europe.