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Jacques Cresson, Jean-Marc Montserrrat,
Loïc Tribot La Spière

La défense dans tous ses états

[Defense in all its forms]

[Verteidigung auf allen Ebenen]

(Paris: Publisud, 2000), 134 pp.,
ISBN: 2-86600-564-X

The book is edited by Jacques Cresson (President of ACESO, an Association for trade issues and of other foreign trade associations), Jean-Marc Montserrrat (Ernst & Young) and Loïc Tribot La Spière (Centre d'Etude et de Prospective Strategique, CEPS and administrator of the Institut Robert Schuman pour l'Europe, IRSE).

In the first part Admiral Alain Denis (CEPS), Muriel Steinmeyer (CEPS), Nicolas Chamussy (Aerospatiale Matra), Henri Burgelin (CEPS), Jean-Pierre Gomane (Institut du Pacifique) and Claire Hocquard (Matra Marconi Space) discuss issues of the French defence policy its means and objectives. In the second part problems of the Europeanisation of the defence industries are analysed by Jean-Marc Montserrrat (Ernst & Young), Alain Hagelauer (Thomson-CSF), Loïc Tribot La Spière (CEPS), Olivier Provost (La Tribune), Florence Deletang (DGA), Antonie Boivin-Champeaux (CCF Securities), Anne Riegert (CEE), Jacques Cresson (ACESO) and Arthur Paecht (Vice President of the Assemblee Nationale).

Pub003; Language: French; Areas: European defence, French defence policy; Region: Europe, France; Publisher: Publisud.