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Pierre Pascallon (Ed.)

Quelle Politique de Sécurité Pour L'Europe ?

[Which Security for Europe?]

[Welche Sicherheitspolitik für Europa?]

(Paris: Publisud, 1995), 296 pp., € 30.79
ISBN: 2-86600-736-0

This book reproduces the contributions during a colloquium that was organised by Pierre Pascallon, President of the Club "Participation and Progress" on 20 Mai 1994 in Paris. An extensive preface by the editor reviews the evolution of European security institutions until 1995 (pp. 7-34) and. François Thual analyses the evolution of Europe from Yalta until the early 1990s (pp. 37-59).

In part I (pp.63 - 159) several authors discuss the role of the different institutions in charge of European security, including the Council of Europe, the European Community, NATO, CSCE, the Western European Union, while Victor-Yves Ghebali assesses the competition and cooperation among these security institutions (pp. 98-102), and Philippe Moreau-Defargues debate the relationship between the European Union and NATO (pp. 103-107). Several authors evaluate the different instruments of European security, e.g. the Eurocorps (pp. 109-129) and the development of the new force structures of NATO (pp. 130- 138) and the Combined Joint Task Forces of NATO and WEU (pp. 139-151).

The second major part (pp. 163-278) deals with the perspectives on the future European security policy, starting with the goals of a veritable European security policy from different perspectives of politicians (pp. 163-191), and from the vantage point of several experts (pp.192-214), and the necessary means with a special focus on the role of France (pp. 215-222), the Franco-German relationship (pp. 223-236) and the Franco-German cooperation on armament issues (pp. 237-249), on the role of a European Satellite Agency (pp. 250-254), of NATO (pp. 255-260), of the WEU (pp. 270-278) and on the Central and Eastern European countries (pp. 261-269). The book concludes with a discussion by General Maurice Schmitt (pp. 279-286) on the needed military means for such a European security policy.

Pub004; Language: French; Areas: European security policy, European Union, NATO, WEU; Region: Europe, France; Publisher: Publisud.