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Dominique David (Ed.)

Est-Ouest 1945/1990

[East-West 1945-1990]

[Ost-West 1945-1990]

(Paris: Publisud, 1992), 439 pp., € 37.50
ISBN: 2-86600-539-9

After an extensive introduction by Dominique David on the changing order in East-West relations, this book reproduces in seven chapters essential political documents for the years 1945-1990. Chapter 1 focuses on the beginning of the Cold War (pp. 39-78), chapter 2 (pp. 77-114) deals with the two military alliances (NATO, Warsaw Pact), chapter 3 covers the strategies of these alliances (115-148) during the Cold War, chapter 4 discusses three phases from the Cold War to détente, the second Cold War and the new entente (pp. 149-226), chapter 5 offers the crucial security proclamations of both sides (pp. 227-312) while chapter 6 deals with arms control and disarmament agreements (pp. 313-374) and chapter 7 (pp. 375-437) deals with the German question.

Pub005; Language: French; Areas: European security policy, NATO, WEU; Region: Europe, France; Publisher: Publisud.