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Robert Bussiere (Ed.) :

Sécurité Européenne et Réalités Internationales -
Pour une recherche de la cohérence

[European Security and International Realities]

[Europäische Sicherheit und internationale Realitäten]

(Paris: Publisud, 1993), 622 pp.,
€ 50.61ISBN: 2-86600-674-4

This book was edited by Robert Bussiere on behalf of the Centre d'Etude et de Prospective Strategique (CEPS) and was published with financial support from Aerospatiale. The book has been organised in three parts and ten chapters. In the first part (pp. 6-237), several authors discuss in chapter 1 the role of the "enemy" after the end of the Cold War (pp. 9-164), and in chapter 2 the role of the security alliance systems (pp. 165-237). In Part 2 on defence and security, chapter 3 reviews the new role of the military forces (pp. 239-295). In the third part the new role of the nuclear forces is being discussed. Chapter 4 debates problems of threats, disarmament and deterrence (pp. 299-360), chapter 5 discusses the role of France in the military alliances (pp. 361-378), chapter 6 reviews the new operational needs (pp. 379-508), while chapter 7 deals with the military service and with the professsionalisation of the armed forces (pp. 509-532), chapter 8 covers the defence effort (pp. 533-558). The last two chapters review the role of the industrial base for security policy whereby chapter 9 covers the economic rationale and national independence and chapter 10 the role of Europe in armament policy

Pub006; Language: French; Areas: European security and defence policy, defence industry, NATO, WEU; Region: Europe, France; Publisher: Publisud.