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Gianfranco Pechinenda -
Traki Zannad Bouchrara:

La Mémoire Collective des
Femmes Méditerranéennes dans l'émigration

[The Collective Memory of
Mediterranean Women on Emigration]

(Paris: Publisud, 2001), 95 pp.;
€ 12,06,ISBN: 2-86600-011-x.

The book includes two brief studies by two sociologists on two Mediterranean cities: Naples and Tunis focusing on the collective memories of migrants and on the problems of integration, of assimilation and cultural resistance of migrant women in Europe and in Latin America. In the first part Traki Zannad Bouchrara analyses the memories of Penelope of the steps who migrated to Europe while

Gianfranco Pechinenda deals with the memories of Ulysses who left for the promised lands in the Americas to return to Ithaca.Gianfranco Pechinenda has a Ph.D. in sociology of development from the university of Pisa, is working on the sociology of culture at the faculty of sociology at the University of Naples (Italy) and has published several books including one on the memory of migrants.

Traki Zannad Bouchrara has a Ph.D. (doctor d'État) in sociology from Paris VII, teaches sociology of development and culture at the faculty for social and human sciences at the University Tunis I and has published several books.

Pub015; Language: French; Areas: Mediterranean security; Region: Mediterranean