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Groupement d'Études et de Recherches
sur la Mediterranée (GERM)

L'Anuaire de la Méditerranée 1999

[Mediterranean Yearbook 1999]

[Mittelmeerjahrbuch 1999]

Volume 4

(Rabat: GERM - Paris: Publisud, 2000), 388 pp.,
€ 29.27 ISBN: 9954-0-0030-5

This yearbook is organised in five sections: I. events, II. studies, III. analyses, IV. documents and V. bibliography. In the first part, A. Maalmi and A. Benmessaoud Tredano review the war and peace in the Balkans as well as the Kosovo operation and international law. M. L. Ben Othmane analyse the situation in Algeria after the presidential election, D. Khrouz reports on a conference of the Council of Europe on the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and M. Mohattane discusses the impact of the Euro on the Maghreb.

In the first part of the studies section 11 contributions from Spain (G. Escribano, A. Lorca), France (M. Labonne, B. Roux, S. Louafi), the USA (Q. Gray), Tunisia (H. Zaafrane) and Morocco (A. Sasson, N. Akesbi, H. Serghini, M. Zahidi, D. Khrouz) analyse the exclusion of agricultural issues in the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, while in the second part H. El Malki, A. Bojji, A. El Kadiri, M. Msahi, B. Hamdouch, H. Hrouch and J. Houdaifa-Settar discuss the development of the Euro-Mediterranean perspectives from Barcelona to Stuttgart. In part III A. Hasbi and C. Serghini assess the issue of the Sahara conflict while M. Khachani reviews the Averroès committee as a new actor in the relations between Morocco and Spain.

The fourth section provides relevant documents by the European Commission, on the second conference of the industry ministers of the Euro-Mediterranean region in Klagenfurt (1998), the Declaration of Marakech adopted at the first meeting of Mediterranean national human rights institutions. It documents the recommendations of the Euro-Mediterranean forum on energy and the regional indicative MEDA programme. Finally, the fifth section includes book reviews, a bibliography of books and articles published on Mediterranean issues and a statistical appendix.

Pub016; Language: French; Areas: Mediterranean security; Region: Mediterranean