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Groupement d'Études et de Recherches
sur la Mediterranée (GERM)

L'Anuaire de la Méditerranée 1998

[Mediterranean Yearbook 1998]

[Mittelmeerjahrbuch 1998]

Volume 3

(Rabat: GERM - Paris: Publisud, 1999), 519 pp.,
€ 37.50I SBN: 9981-9801-5-3 ISBN: 2-86600-831-6

This yearbook is organised in four sections: I. events, II. studies, III. documents and IV. bibliography. In the first section, Z. Daoud analyses the electoral process and the political violence in Algeria, F. Zaim assesses the second Euro-Mediterranean conference in Malta (1997), A. Benmessaoud Tredano debates whether the détente between Turkey and Israel is a threat to the Arab world, A. Roussillon deals with the Islamists and the political violence in Egypt while J.-C. Santucci analyses the elections in Morocco in 1997.

In the studies section, a dossier with contributions by A. Mahou, H. Regnault, A. Sid Ahmed, M. Rousset, J. Ould Aoudia, D. Khrouz, B. Chourou, H. Sqalli, M. Mohattane analyse issues of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and the state of sub-regional integration in the Maghreb (AMU). In the second part M.L. Benothmane discusses the El Andalus heritage in the Maghreb, B. Roux analyses the agriculture of the Maghreb and the development of a Euro-Mediterranean space, J.P. Gonon contrasts the processes of globalisation and regionalisation and the consequences for the countries on the southern Mediterranean shore. D. Guerraoui discusses the regionalisation and the development in the Morrocan Mediterranean provinces, A. and Y. Benachenchou reviews future strategies of environment and development in the Mediterranean, A. de Vasconcelos analyses Euro-American relations and the Mediterranean, M.L. El Harras reports on the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation among the chambers of commerce while J. Levart reviews 20 years of inter-religious dialogue.

The third document section reproduces 10 documents on Euro-Mediterranean issues while the fourth section includes book reviews, a bibliography of books and articles published on Mediterranean issues and a statistical appendix.

Pub017; Language: French; Areas: Mediterranean security; Region: Mediterranean