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Groupement d'Études et de Recherches
sur la Mediterranée (GERM)

L'Anuaire de la Méditerranée 1997

[Mediterranean Yearbook 1997]

[Mittelmeerjahrbuch 1997]

Volume 2

(Rabat: GERM - Paris: Publisud, 1998), 468 pp.,
€ 31.10 ISBN: 9981-9801-3-7 ISBN: 2-86600-811-1

This yearbook is organised in four sections: I. events, II. studies, III. documents and IV. bibliography. In the first section, G. Corm analyses the peace and dangers in the Middle East, M. H. de Larramendi reviews the Mediterranean policy of the Aznar government, A, Maalmi reports on Islamism in Turkey, M. Mohattane on the energy cooperation between the Maghreb and Europe, M. Tarrav and A. Jamai asses synergies between the Euro-Mediterranean process and the economic summits for the MENA region.

In the studies section, the first part contains perspectives on the Mediterranean in the 21st century with contributions by Z. Laidi on globalisation; J.F. Daguzan on peace and security, R. Leray on water, M. de Vaux on water conflicts, Y. Courbage and C. Benazzou on demographic issues, G. Tapinos and A. Chevallier on the creation of a free trade zone by 2010, L. Jaidi and F. Zaim on Europe and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, G. Martin-Munoz on the fate of democratisation, A. Roussilon on the dangers for the Mediterranean identity and F. Burgat on the imported and exported Islam. In the second part, P. Balta analyses the cultural dimension in Euro-Mediterranean relations, Laure de Cenival reviews the developments towards a Euro-Mediterranean agricultural space, M. Kharoufi analyses the dynamics at the borders of the Maghreb while M. Saoud reviews the trends towards an infrastructure for information in the Mediterranean.

The third document section reproduces 12 documents on Euro-Mediterranean issues while the fourth section includes book reviews, a bibliography of books and articles published on Mediterranean issues and a statistical appendix.

Pub018; Language: French; Areas: Mediterranean security; Region: Mediterranean