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Ahmed Derradji

Le droit de la presse et la liberte d'information et d'opinion et d'opinion dans les payse arabes

[Law of the Press and Freedom of Opinion
in the Arab Press]

[Presserecht und Meinungsfreiheit
in der arabischen Presse]

(Paris: Publisud, 1995), 404 pp.,
€ 27.75 ISBN: 2-86600-735-2

Ahmed Derradji received a law degree and a diploma in classical Arabic from the university of Algiers. From 1962-1971 he was secretary general in the Ministry of Justice in Algeria and from 1972-1980 he was the permanent representative of Algeria with UNESCO and from 1980-1993) he represented the Arab organisation on education, culture and science (ALECSO) with UNESCO.

The book is organised in three major chapters and contains 20 documents in the appendix. After a brief introduction, Ahmed Derradji introduces in chapter 1 (pp. 17-30) several principles on the freedom of information and free expression in international law by reviewing its sources and discussing its limitations. In chapter 2 (pp. 31-92) he analyses the role of both principles in the Arab countries as contained in the constitutions, in the laws on the press and on the role of the press in the public sector before he discusses the guarantees and the limitations of free expression and the right for information and its implementation including censorship, suspension of publication and interdiction as contained in the penal laws. In chapter 3 (pp. 93-128) he reviews the statutes on the press, on the journalists and on the press councils. The Annex contains 20 major texts from the constitution of Medina (623 A.D.) on major Islamic and Arab declarations on human rights and the press laws of all major Arab countries.

Pub021; Language: French; Areas: Arab world, press freedom; Region: North Africa, West Asia