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Abdelkader Djeflat,
Riadh Zghal,
Mohammed Abbou (Eds.):

L'Innovation au Maghreb.
Enjeux et Perspectives

[Innovation in the Maghreb]

[Innovation im Maghreb.
Einsatz und Perspektiven]

(Tlemcen : Editions Ibn Khaldoun -
Paris: Publisud, 2000),
406 pp., ISBN: 9961-71-070-3

This volume documents the proceedings of the third international conference MAGHTECH 1998 in Sfax (Tunisia) in April 1998. The book is organised in seven parts. In Part 1 Antonie Zahlan, Riadh Zghal, Abdelkader Djeflat, Muzamel Huq, Mohamed Abbou, Hartmut Elsenhans, Mehdi Lahlou, Jacques Perrin and L. Abedlmalki address in eight chapters the theoretical and global challenges of technological innovation in a context of transition (pp. 17-150). In part 2 B. Bellon and A. Plunert, Bernadette Madeuf, Abdelmajid Ait Habouche and C. Sches deal in four chapters with the national systems of innovation and the challenges of globalisation (pp. 151-210) before in part 3 (pp. 211-278) experts from the North Africa (H. Mohamed, F. Attia, N. Mzoughi, A. Slaimi, Dj. Chaabouni and H. Affes) deal with the strategy of enterprises and innovation in the Maghreb, in part 4 (pp. 279-340) four chapters by A Akeshi, A. Ammar, M. Mebarki and A. Adda Boudjelal review the role of human resources and in part 5 (pp. 341-370) three chapters by Leila Hamdan, Ahmed Benchehida and Nacera Zellal deal with culture and the process of innovation in the Maghreb and in part 6 (pp. 371-396) ) M. Benfrid and M. Aguercif analyse the sectorial specificities of innovation before Abdelkader Djeflat offers a synthesis in part 7 (pp 397-405).

Pub022; Language: French; Areas: Economic innovation; Region: Maghreb, North Africa; Publisher: Publisud.