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Abdelkader Djeflat,
Riadh Zghal (Eds.):

Science, Technologie et Croissance
au Maghreb

[Science, Technology and Growth
in the Maghreb]

[Wissenschaft, Technologie und Wachstum
im Maghreb]

(Sfax, Tunisia: Maison d'edition Biruni
Paris : Publisud, 1995),
279 pp., ISBN: 9973-756-31-2

In the early 1980s, a research network of scholars from Maghreb countries working on science and technology issues (Maghtech) was founded by Abdelkader Djeflat (in 1995 Prof. for economics at the University for Science and Technology in Lille). This volume documents the contributions to Maghtech 1994 in Sfax (Tunisia) and was published by the Maison d'Édition Biruni, Sfax (Tunisia) and is being distributed in French speaking countries by Publisud and in the German speaking countries by AFES-PRESS.

The book includes contributions by Mohamed Abbou, Abdelkader Djeflat, Riadh Zghal, Mehdi Lahlou, Malik Mebarki, Denis Requier Desjardins, Driss Guerraoui, Anis El-Borgi, Rym Bouderbala, Lofti Ben Alaya, Noureddine Al Aoufi, Abdelhamid Mezaache, Ferouk Tebbal, Habib Affes, Hamed Ben Dhia, Kamel Behidji and Rachid Tandjaoui that deal with basic issues of science, technology and society, with the education system, employment policies, with research and development in the agricultural sector and with technological innovation and its socio-organisational impact on the textile sector, with quality control and industrial performance of just in time production, with the role of the human sciences in the education of the engineers, with industrialisation and management of technology and issues of mainteance in the industrial sector. The book concludes with a synthesis by Abdelkader Djeflat on science and technology for development in the Maghreb during transition.

Pub023; Language: French; Areas: Science, Technology, Growth; Region: Maghreb, North Africa