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Camille Lacoste-Dujardin,
Marie Virolle (Eds.)

Femmes et Hommes au Maghreb et en
Immigration la Frontière des Genres en Question

[Women and Men in the Maghreb and
the role of gender in immigration]

[Frauen und Männer im Maghreb und
die Genderfrage bei der Immigration]

(Paris: Publisud, 1998), 234 pp.,
€ 21.95 ISBN: 2-86600-818-9

The co-editors, Camille Lacoste-Dujardin and Marie Virolle are working as research directors and researchers in ethnology at CNRS (Paris). Both have published several books on the role of women and mothers as well as on the role of the state and on the people and civilisations in the Maghreb.

The contributions in this volume contain the conclusions of a collective research project that was pursued by CNRS-EHESS since 1984 for more than a decade on "oral literature, dialects and ethnology" by the group FABERA (Arab and Berber women, research on anthropology). This book focuses on the role of women in the Maghreb in women and gender studies. The first part on issues of domination of man and women, of the role of women and their social representation contains six chapters by C. Lacoste-Dujardin, A. Lakhsassi, C. Fortier, F.Z. Sebaa, S. Ossman and F. Choutri. In the second part six chapters by N. El Alaoui, M. Peyron, M. Hayeur, H. Boumlik, M. Virolle and S. Ammar-Khoja deal with feminine powers, individuality and specific status. In the third part six chapters by Ch. Bouatta, A. Barbara, D. Morsley, N. Saadi, D. Cherifati and N. Weibel discuss the new roles and new representation of women among immigrants.

Pub025; Language: French; Areas: immigration; Region: Maghreb, North Africa