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Hartmut Elsenhans

La Guerre d'Algerie 1954-1962.
La transition d'une France a une autre.
Le Passage de la IVe à la Ve Republique

The War in Algeria 1954-1962
The Transition in France

Preface de/by Gilber Meynier

(Paris : Publisud, 2000), 1072 pp.,
€ 56.10 ISBN: 2-86600-713-1 ISSN: 0981-4825

This book was originally published as a revised Ph.D. dissertation in German in 1974. Twenty five years later a revised and updated French translation was published with a long introduction by Gilbert Meynier and a detailed bibliography (pp. 19-59) of the many publications that have been made available since 1974.

After a brief introduction (pp.63-76), Elsenhans' book is organised in ten chapters: Chapter I focuses on the international system and the Algerian war of decolonisation (pp. 77-144), chapter II analyses the situation in Algeria on the eve of the war (pp. 145-220), chapter III analyses French interests in Algeria during the colonial period and the importance of the Algerian problem for the French strategy in Africa (pp. 221-372), chapter IV focuses on the interpretations and the models of perception of the Algerian war in the metropol (pp. 373-426), chapter V covers in detail the politics of repression (pp. 427-590), chapter VI analyses the economic and social reforms of France in Algeria (pp. 591-748), chapter VII discusses the role of Algerian workers in France (pp. 749-758), chapter VIII reviews the political reforms and the negotiations (pp. 759-888), chapters IX analyses the direct effects of the Algerian war on the French metropol (pp. 889-930), while chapter X assesses the difficulty France had to adjust to the loss of its status as a big power (pp 931-998). The book includes four annexes: 1: a list of abbreviations (pp. 999-1004), 2. a list of documents published in the materials on the Algerian war (pp. 1005-1006), 3. the law granting Algeria autonomy (pp. 1007-1016), and 4. a project on the constitutional law of Algeria (pp. 1017-1022) and a bibliography (pp. 1023-1066).

Hartmut Elsenhans is professor of international relations at Leipzig university, he also taught at the universities of Constance, Frankfurt, Berlin, Dakar, New Delhi and Montreal. He has published widely on conflicts of decolonisation, on North-South issues and on the strategies of development that have also been published in Algeria, India and Bangladesh.

Pub026; Language: French; Areas: War; Region: Algeria, France.