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Hamit Aït Amara
Jean Gallot
Benamar Mediane
Paul Sindic

Algérie,débats pour une issueAlgeria,

Debate on an Issue

(Paris : Publisud, 2000), 144 pp.,
€ 13.42 ISBN: 2-86600-679-8

{This volume documents a public discussion on a new partnership between Algeria, France and Europe in a meeting in Marseille on 27-28 November 1998 with more than 170 participants from Algeria and France from universities, companies, trade unionists, doctors, lawyers, journalists, writers and representatives of cultural professions. These discussions focused on three themes: 1) the economic and social problems and the economic relations with France and Europe (pp. 23-86); 2) problems of the educational system and the potentials for cooperation and for a partnership in the areas of education, research and culture (pp. 87-114); 3) Problems of human relations and examples of social cooperation and decentralised activities of solidarity (pp. 115-134).

Pub029: Language: French; Areas: Relations; Region: Algeria, France, Europe