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Khaled Nezzar

Algérie -
echec a une Régression Programmée

Préface de Ali Haroun

[Algeria -
Failure of a Programmed Regression]

[Algerien -
Scheitern einer programmierten Regression]

(Paris: Publisud, 2001),
266 pp. ISBN: 2-86600-796-4

This memoir was written by the former Algerian defence minister, General Khaled Nezzar, who held high positions in the High State Committee of Algeria during the 1990s. Born in 1937, he reviews his life from his childhood, his desertion from the French Army to the ALN and his military career in the Algerian armed forces. He analyses the events of 19 June 1988, the silent agreement between Chadli, Hamrouche, Mehri with the FIS, the state of emergency of 1991 and the end of the electoral process and the tragic events in Algeria during the 1990s in the struggle against the terrorism of the FIS. In his conclusions Nezzar offers both a brief assessment and perspectives. The book includes in an annex documents on the use of force during the state of emergency and several documents on the goals of the FIS.

Pub030; Language: French; Areas: Islamic fundamentalism; Region: Algeria