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Hartmut Elsenhans,
Elmar Kleiner,
Reinhart Joachim Dreves (Eds.):

Développement, Équité et Extension
Du Marché des Masses. Une Autre Alternative.
Le Cas Algérien. L'Enjeu des P.M.E. Industrielles.
Une Perspective de Co-développement
Euro- Méditerranéen

[Development, Justice and Expansion
of the Mass Market. Another Alternative:
The Algerian Case]

(Paris: Publisud, 2000), 294 pp.,
€ 29.27 ISBN: 2-86600-745-X

The book was edited by Hartmut Elsenhans, professor of international relations at Leipzig university, by Reinhart Joachim Dreves who worked as a consultant in Equador and Costa Rica, and by Elmar Kleiner, who has worked at the German Society for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) as head of the division on "transformation programmes for Central and Eastern Europe".

Equality and economic growth do not exclude each other. There is an alternative to the programmes of adaptation of international financial institutions. Distributive justice creates markets for labour intensive products that may be produced by small industries in the Third World. Based on a survey of small and medium sized industrial companies in Algeria during the 1980s the relevance of demand for the production of simple consumer goods for daily use is demonstrated. Such companies are competitive in satisfying this demand. The growth in mass income contributes to the growth of the competitive sector, to increased employment and to an improvement of the technical capabilities including the establishment of a local production of initially unsophisticated goods. The growth in the production of food can contribute to make small and medium sized industries more dynamic, even in case of growing export markets for the products of these enterprises. The alternative to a policy of austerity depends on a prospering agriculture and from the access to cheap food. Here an opportunity exists for a co-development between Europe and the nearest part of the developing countries in form of a development based on solidarity in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

A German version was published as: Hartmut Elsenhans, Elmar Kleiner, Reinhart Joachim Dreves (Hrsg.): Gleichheit, Markt, Profit, Wachstum. Kleinindustrie und die Expansion des Massenmarkts mit einer Untersuchung aus Algerien. Schriften des Deutschen Übersee-Instituts, Nr.51 (Hamburg 2001), ISBN 3-926953-51-9, 302 S., DM 46,-.

Pub031; Language: French; Areas: Islamic fundamentalism; Region: Algeria