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Djilali Sari

La Crise Algerienne Economique et Sociale.
Diagnostic et Perspectives.
Elements de stratégie

[The Algerian Economic and Social Crisis
Diagnosis and Perspectives.
Elements of a Strategy]

(Paris: Publisud, 2001), 140 pp.;
€ 22,89, ISBN: 2-86600-907-x.

The book is structured in a brief introduction on demographic aspects and eight chapters that focus at the recurring drought, at two decades of unprecedented urbanisation, they offer an assessment of the measures for dealing with population growth, they discuss problems of the youth and socialisation in Algeria, of the increasing unemployment of the youth, the social costs of a dangerous poverty, the emergence of a profile of emigration and an excessive dependence on food imports.

Djilali Sari has been teaching as a professor of geography at the university of Algiers since 1966 where he focused at the interaction of demographic with socio-economic and political factors. He participated at many national and international scientific congresses.

Pub034; Language: French; Areas: Crisis, socio-economic; Region: Algeria