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Abdelkader Sid Ahmed

Economie de L'Industrialisation à Partir
des Ressources Naturelles (I.B.R.),
Tome 1

[Economy of Industrialisation based on
Natural Resources,
Volume 1]

[Ökonomie der Industrialisierung auf
Grundlage Natürlicher Ressourcen,
Band 1]

(Paris : Publisud, 1989), 481 pp.,
€ 31.07 ISBN: 2-86600-381-0 Order No. 102050133

The book discusses the following key questions: Is there a specific form of industrialisation in economies that depend on the exploitation and massive exports of natural resources? Is it possible to identify a certain number of common structural profiles based on historical experience (USA, Egypt and Scandinavia in the 19th century, Brazil, Argentina et al.)? Is it possible to understand the mechanisms and parameters that explain the success or failure of the industrialisation based on natural resources and to develop a general theory on the effects of a sector that is surrounded by the rest of the economy with regard to structural changes of the productive sector? This book tries to show that it is possible to develop the basis for a veritable economy of industrialisation based on natural resources that offers a superior analytical power over traditional analytical schemes that are based on the unequal exchange or on the mechanic effects of induction (e.g. the theory of the product cycle).

This volume develops in the first chapter reviews of theoretical models for an industrialisation based on natural resources (IBR) based on a critical review of the theoretical economic literature with a special focus on Chenery, Taylor, Kader and Syrquin, chapter 2 analyses the historical experience of such an IBR, its successes and failures, chapter 3 outlines the theoretical foundations for an IBR, chapter 4 examines the new conditions of international trade and of production with a special focus on research and development, chapter 5 discusses theoretical elements on IBR and unequal exchange and chapter 6 offers a synthesis on the elements of an economy of industrialisation based on natural resources (IBR).

Pub041; Language: French; Areas: economic development, industrialisation, natural resources; Region: global