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Abdelkader Sid Ahmed

Economie de L'Industrialisation à Partir
des Ressources Naturelles (I.B.R.),
Tome 2

[Economy of Industrialisation based on
Natural Resources,
Volume 2]

[Ökonomie der Industrialisierung auf
Grundlage natürlicher Ressourcen,
Band 2]

(Paris : Publisud, 1989), 288 pp.,
€ 34,18 ISBN: 2-86600-399-3 Order No. 102050134

The second volume is based on an analysis of the role of a rent economy in history with a special focus on the role of hydrocarbons. Chapter 1 reviews the macro economy of the rent economy with a diagnosis of the Dutch disease, chapter 2 analyses the problem of growth on a petrol economy, chapter 3 examines the industrialisation in the chemical and energy sectors, while chapter 4 offers an assessment of an industrialisation based on hydrocarbons and general conclusions on the relationship between hydrocarbons, rent and development.

Pub042; Language: French; Areas: economic development, industrialisation, natural resources; Region: global