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Pierangelo Catalano
Abdelkader Sid Ahmed (Eds.)

La Dette Contre le Droit.
Une Perspective Méditerranéenne

The Debt and the Law
A Mediterranean Perspective

(Paris: Publisud, 2001), 408 pp.;
€ 48,23, ISBN: 2-86600-909-6 Order No. 102040594

A new perspective for the study of external debt must take the general legal principles of other legal traditions than the Roman legal system, international law and human rights law into consideration. The problem must be jointly addressed by the indebted and the creditor countries and they must find a joint solution because otherwise the indebted countries will have no access to development.

After two introductory chapters by the editors the book is organised in two parts. In part I ten chapters deal with legal aspects of indebtedness by Rafael Caldera, Fausto Pocar, Miguel Angel Espeche Gil, Sandro Schipani, Jorge Barrientos Parra, Joseph Joblin, H'Mida Ennaifer, Ga'far 'Abdassalam' Ali, Lazhar Bouony and Mahmoud Hassen. In part II five chapters analyse the foreign debt of Arab countries written by Abdelkader Sid Ahmed, Fouad Zaim, Mohamed Benlahcen Tlemçani, Susan George and by the National Economic and Social Council of Algiers. An appendix includes 20 documents on foreign debt issues by the European Commission, by the Latin American Parliament, by the Interparliamentary Conference between the EU and Latin America, by the Human Rights commission and by the parliaments of Brazil and Italy.

Pierangelo Catalano is professor of Roman law at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza' and director of ISPROM. Abdelkader Sid Ahmed is professor of economics at the University of Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne and a researcher at the Institute for Development Research.

Pub043; Language: French; Areas: economic development, external debt, law; Region: Mediterranean