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Abdelkrim Mouzoune

Les transformations du Paysage
spatio-communautaire de Beyrouth (1975-1996)

[The Transformation of the Local Space
of Beirut (1975-1996)]

[Die Transformation des kommunalen
Raums von Beirut (1975-1996)]

(Paris : Publisud, 1999), 179pp.,
€ 22,11 ISBN: 2-86600-639-9 Order No. 102200517

This book is based on a Ph.D. thesis in economic and social sciences at the University of Geneva of April 1997. The book covers the period form 1975 when the civil war in Beirut started until 1996 when the reconstruction after the end of the violence in 1990 was underway. During these 22 years the urban space of Beirut had fundamentally changed. In the first of four parts the author analyses the territorial dynamic of the city, its demographic growth due to internal and external migration (e.g. Palestinian refugees) until 1975. In the second part both the destruction and the reconstruction of public and private spaces are analysed with the socio-urban differentiation under the impact of the internal conflict. The third part is devoted to the territorial genesis of Beirut under the influence of the culture of violence while in the fourth part the problems of reconstruction are examined.

Pub050; Language: French; Areas: urbanisation; Region: Lebanon