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Kamel Filali

L'Algérie Mystique des Marabouts Fondateurs
aux Khwân Insurgés XVe - XIXe

The mystic Algeria from the marabout founders
until the Khwan rebels XVth - XIXth century

(Paris: Publisud, 2002), 215 pp.;
€ 24,43 ISBN: 2-86600-909-6 Order No. 102010599

The book is organised in two parts and eight chapters. The first part deals in six chapters with the emergence of the marabouts, the members of a Muslim religious community living in a fortified monastery that served both religious and military functions, on the mystic origins in the Turkish-ottoman period and the second part addresses the accumulation of wealth in the economy of the marabouts and the insurgence of the khwân. The book is well documents and has a brief glossary of Arab and Turkish words.

Kamel Filali of El-Ancere (Algeria) received a docteur de'État from the faculty of history in Strasbourg and teaches at the university of Constantine. He directs the Laboratoire d'Etude et de Recherche sur le Maghreb et la Méditerranée and he is the author of many contributions at international congresses on cultural history and religious and ethnic movements in the Southern Mediterranean.

Pub053; Language: French; Areas: religion, Islam; Region: Algeria